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Swiss watches are synonymous with luxury and the best quality. This is why people would love to have their own Swiss watch, just like Rolex. One of this brand’s outstanding models is the Rolex Datejust, often recognized for its self-winding chronometer. It definitely is a luxury timepiece with its price tag of $2,500 to $100,000. You may wonder just how people are willing to pay for this amount of money for a watch alone. For one, these luxury watches are not just your regular wristwatches because they are already seen as status symbol. However, you can have a replica Rolex Datejust watch that only costs $50 to $1,000, probably the most expensive knockoff for this model. Their price depends largely on the materials that they are made of.

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Swiss Rolex with ETA movement

daytona swiss replica Rolex SA was established by Alfred Davis and Hans Wilsdorf in 1905. They were brothers-in-law, who initially decided to call the company “Wilsdorf & Davis.” This name eventually evolved to being the “Rolex Watch Company” in 1908.

In 1912, the duo decided to transfer their company to Geneva, Switzerland when they realized that they could save more in the said country. They needed this solution to avoid the large export expenses and taxes that were imposed on silver and gold metals, the raw materials for the casing. The UK charged more when it comes to these expenses.

Rolex SA is considered as an innovator. This is evident in their record of having invented the most number of certified chronometer watch movements. It seems like the watchmakers do not know how to take a break. Another thing that Rolex is passionate about is the promotion of the quarts movement.
The company still remains a luxury watchmaker with 2,000 watches manufactured every day. Designer watches are still famous but their prices have given way to the rise in popularity of knockoff Rolex watches.

Swiss Grade 1 Rolex Submariner Mmodels.

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Deepsea Diving Watch

The Rolex Deepsea watch is perfect for divers. It can withstand pressure at 12,000 feet or 3,900 meters. The watch is made of steel, with a black dial. Of course, the bezel is made of scratch-free Cerachrom disc and titanium case back. One outstanding feature is the blue glow on the watch’s face. The hour, second and minute hands, the dial and the graduated bezel’s zero marker turn blue in the dark. The size of the watch is 40 mm and its bracelet has a double extension system. This is perfect for wearing over the diver’s suit. This watch is made with Swiss precision movement that Rolex is distinguished for. The Deepsea prototype watch was first tested in the 1950s. It was called the Deep Sea special and descended 1,080 meters on the first try. Just do not try to dive with a replica Rolex watch. While best knockoffs are waterproof - they are not made for swimming but would withstand a shower or rain.

Is there a Cheap Rolex?

The answer to that question is yes. There are cheap Rolex Deepsea watches available today. These watches are replicas but look exactly like the original. You can get these watches online. There are many websites that sell these affordable watches. They don’t cost more than $200. The suggested retail price of the original Rolex is about $5,850. If you compare the knockoff watch with the authentic one, the difference is slight. The replica Rolex Deepsea being sold are often of high quality. The wearer will feel really confident with his watch because he knows it looks authentic. You can be fashionable and practical at the same time. Don’t waste precious money on an expensive timepiece if a knockoff Rolex Deepsea version is available.