Omega Replica with ETA Movement

Top quality Omega clone watches with Swiss-Made ETA movements.

Omega Seamaster Limited Edition Replica

Guide to Omega Replica Watches
If you are to buy the genuine Omega watch, you have to prepare thousands of dollars first. However, you can have a much cheaper one in the form of a knockoff. If you have a replica Omega watch on, you will still catch other people’s attention and get comments that you would have also gotten when you are wearing the real thing. At most, you will be the only who knows that you are wearing a knockoff.

Why People Love Replica Omega Watches

First, buying a replica Omega watch only means spending a few hundred dollars. If there might be a fake Omega watch that reaches a thousand dollars or more, it is likely because of its top quality materials. They may not exactly be the same expensive materials used for genuine Omega watches but they still ensure durability of the watches.

Second, Omega knockoffs can give you the freedom to be fashionable without suffering financially from it.
Third, it is hard to tell the real thing from the replica Omega watch these days. The technology used in making the replicas have become more advanced in following even the smallest details found in the original watch.

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Omega 600m Skyfall Replica ETA Automatic
Omega 600m Skyfall Replica ETA Automatic

History of Omega Replicas

The brand has become what it is now under the care and management of people like Louis Brandt, Nicolas Hayek, and more. Omega was founded in 1848 starting with then 23-year old Louis Brandt’s assembly workshop in La Chaux-de-Fonds. The idea that he used to develop in his workshop became a popular company watch making company. He started with assembling key-wound precision pocket watches using the parts sold by local craftsmen. He did this while working near his workbench window all throughout the winter months. When the snow started thawing, he went to Europe in the hope of selling the pocket watches he assembled. He passed from Italy to Scandinavia and eventually reached England, his main market. When Brandt died in 1879, the company was taken over by Cesar and Louis-Paul. They were unsatisfied by the unprofessional deliveries of watch parts that were not even of top quality so they started in-house manufacturing and gain total control on the watches’ production. In January 1880, encouraged by the steady supply of manpower, energy and proper communications in Bienne, the entire Omega company was relocated to a small factory’s second floor. In December of the same year, the company bought out the building. In 1882, the company once again transferred to a converted spinning-factor in Gurzelen, Bienne. This eventually became the company’s headquarters until now.

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Omega’s first calibers were Labrador and Gurzelen and the renowned OMEGA released in 1894. These were the reasons of the surge in popularity for the brand. One of the best things about Omega replica watches is that they have seemed to have designed watches that suit everyone. These watches have unique designs and are inspired by the different personalities of the wearers. In fact, if you are so daring, you can easily find Omega watches that are very different that they might as well come from another world.

There are Omega watches for men and women of various styles, from classic to progressive, modern and Art-Deco. These designs have become popular because they are highly associated with urban fashions that are popular in New York, Los Angeles, Ibiza, Milan, and Tokyo.


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