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The Submariner and Other Must-have Living Legends of Watches
Introducing the Rolex Submariner and other must-have luxury watches you can choose from.

Rolex Submariner Swiss Replica Black

There are watches and then there are the living legends of luxury watches –  timepieces that combine the best of a prestigious history, a famous manufacturer, and a set of distinctive design and technology features that make each of them what they are in the eyes of serious collectors. Keep in mind, too, that these brands rarely release new models per se but instead make updates (i.e., improvements in design, technology, and features) on their core collections, as is the case with Rolex’s Submariner collection. Thus, collectors will likely have similar-looking watches but upon closer inspection, these are of different vintage with slight to significant variations in their features and functions.

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If you are a hobbyist with money to burn, so to speak, then here are the must-have living legends of watches. Emphasis must be made that all of these watches are still currently in production; older models may have been discontinued but their contemporary iterations are still available. Of course, all of these wristwatches are luxury watches with hefty price tags starting at around $10,000 and above, which means that these are well beyond the purchasing power of ordinary mortals outside of the league of Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, and the King of Saudi Arabia.

Fortunately, you will find plenty of choices in high-quality imitation watches with nearly-identical similarities in design including features and functions as their prohibitively expensive counterparts. You neither have to sell your soul to the devil nor pay for your arm and leg for these excellent knockoffs, thanks to their affordable prices. You may even want to start your own living legends collection now!

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Rolex Submariner Swiss Grade 1

First on the list is the Rolex Submariner because of its huge popularity among men and women, especially those who appreciate the granddaddy of classic watches. While it was originally released as a professional diver’s watch, as is obvious from its name, it soon gained cult status as an excellent sports watch and then as a luxury watch with sports applications. You will never go wrong in your investment in a Submariner because its value increases with each year that passes –  truly, an investment with high returns not just on the financial front but on the sentimental aspect, too.

And then there’s also the fact that while the Submariner was initially designed as a men’s watch, it has also become a favorite among women, thanks to its overall aesthetic appeal, as well as for all adults regardless of age, personal style, and fashion statement. The professional diver’s watch is, if course, also popular because of its impeccable performance features from its precision movement and waterproof quality to its 40mm cases in steel, white gold, and yellow gold with the distinctive Oyster bracelet.

Suffice it to say that if you are going to collect Swiss-Made replica watches, then a Rolex Submariner should occupy a place of honor in it.

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Swiss ETA Omega Speedmaster Knockoffs

Wearing an Omega Speedmaster is literally wearing history on your wrist. Introduced in 1957, the line of chronograph wristwatches has gained an enviable reputation for its fascinating history, distinctive aesthetics, and outstanding performance in action as well as its durability even under tough conditions.


Omega Semaster Swiss Grade-1 replica- Omega Semaster Swiss Grade-1 replica -

These qualities are not surprising for watch connoisseurs because the so-called Moonwatch, a manual winding Speedmaster Professional, was used by NASA in its first spacewalk for the Gemini 4 mission as well as the first watch on the moon – Buzz Aldrin was wearing a Speedmaster when he landed on the moon for Apollo 11’s mission.  In fact, the Moonwatch is still one of only a few watches certified by NASA for its spaceflights as well as the only one qualified for EVA purposes!

You have several choices in the replica Speedmaster Swiss Grade-1 clones, too, including the manual 3570.50 and the Speedmaster 300, a co-axial automatic watch worn by agent 007 - James Bond in his recent capers. You also have the choice between ETA automatic mechanical and Swiss-Made analog-digital watches. Like the Rolex Submariner, you cannot go wrong in owning a piece of history and wearing it proudly for everybody to admire. 

Replica Rolex Ladies Datejust Diamonds

Fake Rolex Datejust with Moissanite Synthetic Diamonds

Launched in 1945, the Datejust remains as the brand’s most fundamental watch in that it has everything every wearer will need in an everyday piece of jewelry. But don’t be fooled by its basic features because, Rolex being one of the most luxurious watch brands today, even in replica versions it still has the unmistakable touch of luxury from its Jubilee and Oyster bracelet to its chronograph movement. While a 41mm version was introduced in 2009, it was only available in smaller sizes – 36mm  for men, 31mm for the mid-sized market, and 26mm for ladies.

Get one of your own now at affordable prices and be the proud owner of a Rolex and an Omega!


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